Expert Pearl and Bead Stringing

Don't Retire Your Old Pearls, Restring in Schenectady, NY!

Pearls are back with a vengeance and It's hard to make a statement if your pearl necklaces and bracelets are sagging and stretched with old, discolored silk. Our Master Stringer will handle your pieces with care and provide a FREE estimate before any work is performed. We can string and piece regardless if it's knotted or not. With our expert stringers, you can always expect a fast turn around time.

In addition to Pearls we will also restring your:

  • Gold and Silver Beads 
  • Onyx Beads 
  • Lapis Beads 
  • Coral Beads
  • Costume Jewelry 

If restringing isn't for you then let us show you some gorgeous new Pearls from Honora, Imperial, or Brogan.