We Are the First Jeweler in the U.S. to Sell the GENIFER M Collection

GENIFER M creates authentic, modern, marijuana inspired jewelry for those who want to make a difference.

"I was expressing to my dad Glenn, a lifelong gemologist and globally recognized jeweler, that I was tired of the inexpensive mass produced marijuana leaves that everyone was starting to wear. I wanted something much more luxurious-a high-end jewelry line that was superbly-crafted, exquisitely detailed and demonstrated that attitudes were changing toward responsible cannabis use. It isn't just about pot culture anymore... It's about giving people a choice."

- Genifer Murray, co-founder of GENIFER M

Welcome to GENIFER M's father-daughter collaborative collection, GENIFER M. Inspired by passion, handcrafted by experts, and worn proudly by all.

GENIFER M is the first artisan, cannabis lifestyle-inspired jewelry company in the nation. Handcrafted in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona, GENIFER M jewelry is designed to inspire, empower, and provide personal expression. Featured in Forbes, Elle Canada, Harper's Bazaar, Swaay, Fashionables, Variety, and Insight News, GENIFER M is one of the most talked about jewelry lines in the nation.